What to Do About Websites That Ask Your Email to Send You Information

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It's sad but those sites that ask you to subscribe are not honest because of many reasons. One of them is their only and unique objective is to make money out of you. They just want your address not to send you tips, but to send you email with links to their affiliated products. One or two might send you tips, duplicated by the way, but most of them don't. I used to give my email to every email box I could read in any website thinking a lots of useful information and tips would come directly to me but nothing could be more false. The email those webmasters wills send you will be just about you needing to buy their product to have this or that, the report was just a 5 page written with no professional format and worse with no paragraphs. These people will send you most of the times email with Clickbank products where they make 75% of the sale.

If you ever see a website asking for your email to give you information or software, trust me, it's better to live without that information and that software, most of the times you might find something very similar in a free website such as this one, so why even bother to risk getting spam? If the webmaster is really honest and wants to give you precious information, he will post it on his website, not in in some mailing list...

Should you from now on subscribe to any newsletter you see? Never, in a website you control what you see, and you get, in your mailbox they might send you information and lots of junk too, and to get out of it it's harder than to get in. This is specially true with slow email services. If you have important matters in your email and you have junk between those important email, you might risk getting distracted and start treating all your email just like if it was non important mail. Do yourself a favor, they next time you get an email with "information" just unsubscribe that newsletter, delete that email, and when you want to find something just go to Bing.

To those that make email, you could be running a much better business if you just published all those email on a website, it's better than having to send messages to people, if they want, they will use RSS to subscribe to you.


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