Keeping Your Computer Safe from Hackers and Identity Thieves

You may not realize it but your computer is a highly vulnerable area of attack for hacker and ID fraudsters looking to steal your information. We use computers for everything from paying our bills online to purchasing goods and services, and a lot of our private information is stored on there, making it very lucrative for identity criminals to go after it.

Use passwords and profiles

It is quite important that you secure your ID on your computer by using passwords and profiles. Use of anti-software packages along with regular scans is also advisable. Before loading your computer with sensitive details about yourself, make sure that you take some important precautions

In an ideal scenario, you should not leave sensitive documents laying out on your hard drive for prying eyes. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you put all the details that is there in your computer in a safe location. Use of password can come in real handy in these situations. If possible, come up with a separate user account for others to surf on so that you can keep all your details safely.

If you are running Windows-based machines, you just need to click on control panel and choose. If you're on a Mac, youhave a choice of creating a password upon using the computer for the first time. Mac users can modify their password settings through system preferences. Disable automatic login if you are not sure of the security level.

Use a firewall

Make sure that all the security settings in your computer are on before you get on the information superhighway. In case if you are going to purchase added protection some other time, shopping around in the market is the key. Another thing that you must take note of is the fact that your computer has basic protection enabled.

To start with, fire up the firewall. The pivotal factor here is that your computer normally comes with a firewall.  It is basically a software package that came in the form of bundle when you buy computer. According to experts, firewall can be termed as a set of routines that work cohesively in order to enforce the safety guidelines that are outlined by you when selecting a security level. Firewall is commonly known as the gatekeeper for Internet activity. If you do not see firewall icon in your computer, it means that firewall is not on. The general rule of thumb is higher the security level setting, more you are going to get rid of dangerous viruses.

Use anti-virus software

Antivirus and antispyware software also play a prominent part in your computer security. It is worth mentioning in this regard that both antivirus and antispyware software can be packaged separately or together. Talking about spyware, it can be defined as software that is installed surreptitiously by outsiders on your computer whose main function is to gather details as you navigate the World Wide Web. Recent study has come to the conclusion that only few spyware is actually malicious. The spyware that is commonly being employed by the marketers is known as adware. On the other side of the coin, viruses are pernicious and pervasive. In terms of statistic, over 90 percent of all viral attacks go after the consumer. You need to download antivirus and antispyware software on an urgent basis.

Run scans to stay current

Keeping up with computer security trends is quite a straightforward task as you just need to set automatic updates and let them run. There can be lots of modifications from the time you buy the computer. With the passage of time, new threats can arise. In some cases, you can detect few security flaws in the software. In this scenario, it is quite vital that you get the updates on an urgent basis.

Take wireless precautions

Don’t share your wireless connection with the friends and family members. Point to be noted here is that when you let people piggyback on your connection, lots of your bandwidth is going to get wasted, also slowing up your wireless speed. The worse part about all this is that they can see all your activities on the computer. If you do not click on wireless encryption option, your friends can put something on your computer that would track your keystrokes.

Most people prefer to purchase a wireless router as you just need to plug it in and it will start running but fact remains that by default the firewall part of that router might not be activated. Wireless router consists of LAN through which you can connect your computer.

Avoid using public computers

No one is going to argue with the fact that public cafes are absolutely brilliant for surfing. But one thing you must be careful of is the fact that there is a risk of inputting confidential details on computers that are for public user. The irony is that most public computers don't have many security options available. It's best to avoid these public computers if you can.


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