How To Protect Your Computer from Malware

Tips on how to protect your computer from attacks by various forms of malware. Various programs to be loaded on the computer which should catch viri, trojans, etc. as well as personal practices one should implement such as never opening emails, (not just attachments) from persons one doesn't know or from sites one is unfamiliar with as well as avoiding all those freebies which come with all sorts of spyware
When you get that new computer, as you remove the plastic know this; 1) Any Malware Protection Program that is preloaded on that computer is probably obsolete 2) You can not safely connect to the Internet without the strongest and most up to date protection available This means that the only way you can safely connect that new computer to the Internet is as a 'slave' to another computer. By connecting your computer to another, which is loaded with defense mechanisms, you can download the most current and powerful Malware protection onto your computer. (Any geek can do this kind of 'insulating' connection) Once your new computer is well armored, (two different programs are often recommended) then you drive onto the Information Highway with some confidence. However, the best applications may not protect you from stupidity. 1) Never open any email from persons or organizations you don't know. 2) Never open any 'private messages' via some web site from people your don't know. "Here's some photos we took of Emily..." "You've received a private message from Karen Fander.." I don't know any Emily, and why would I want to see her photos? I don't know any Karen and I haven't been on the sending site for years. 3) Never open any 'gift' 'gift card' or 'You Won! email' The best scams start with; "You've just received $500 from Paypal..." "You've received a $500 gift card from Amazon..." As most people use Paypal or Amazon it seems legitimate. In most cases, it is a legitimate Trojan about to be loaded on your computer. 4) Never download any Free Games on your computer. Most of these 'free games' are paid for by a host of spyware. The least offensive simply loads a pile of pop ups, ads and links to obnoxious sites. The worst open you to all forms of phishing as they collect your data and ship it to unscrupulous sources. 5) Constantly update and change your various malware protectors on a regular basis. Go from AVG to Avast to Iobit etc. and back, so that you always have new protection on your computer. 6)Periodically disable all possible methods of connection the the Internet. That is, shut off wireless connection, pullout cables, even go where there is no connectivity. At these points when your computer is totally alone in the great Cyber Ether run your malware protection programs, do all your housekeeping, from Disc clean up to defrag, and all other possible operations, i.e. deleting history, etc. 7) Be very careful connecting to any 'free movie download' site. Many of these are scams which will load malware onto your computer. 8)Try, as often as practicable, to use a Proxy server when connecting to various sites. By going through another computer, not your own, you should be protected from Malware. Your best defense is to be proactive


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List of 10 Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet

Although the internet is a very useful tool that can make people's lives in modern society much more convenient, it also has negative effects. For people who want to be productive, the internet offers various opportunities to pursue this goal. But there are also malicious individuals who want to exploit the internet for their selfish motives. The article below lists the positive as well as the negative effects of the internet.

The development of information technology particularly the internet has brought with it both positive and negative effects to society. These effects are enumerated below:

5 Positive Effects of the Internet

1. It is easier to do research

Before electronic means of gathering information, students or researchers needed to pay a visit to libraries to access materials relevant to their research topics. Nowadays, it will take just a subscription to a journal online or just browsing online to search for literature required to develop one’s conceptual framework. Preparing the review of literature is easier and faster. Thus, more research gets published and knowledge generation is greatly facilitated.

As time moves on, there is more and more information that is put onto the internet, and this information is added to daily. People can now review medical studies, medical articles, business articles, scientific articles, hobbies, videos, and find the answer to about any topic. In addition, we can all watch TV shows, movies, music videos, podcasts from all sources, watch sporting events, keep up with sport scores, and even talk with your doctor or boss right on the internet.

For those looking for a new job, the internet is great to research companies and job offers, plus applying for a new job.

2. Communication with family, friends and relatives is faster

Gone are the homesick days because a son or daughter can now easily contact their parents online. Services such as that of Skype and Gmail enable a loved one to communicate with another in almost any part of the globe where internet services are available.

It is now common for kids at college to communicate with their parents every day. Keep up with relatives after they move to another state and talk to them easily with Skype. Moving away from the home town can be stressful, but being able to keep up with relatives all over the country and world, makes it as if you never left. Send pictures, emails and face to face communication makes moving away from home much easier to keep in contact.


3. There is a great possibility to earn while working from home

It is now possible to earn online through writing, filling up forms, or even just clicking away on advertisements in the internet. Information is a valuable thing that people are willing to pay. Through advertisements posted online, manufacturers and sellers are able to increase the possibility of having their products purchased.

Since the economic crash of 2008, more and more Americans have started their own home business. With the internet this has all become a great opportunity, with websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. In addition to this, many companies now allow employees to work from home, which is great because a person can work from home without having the hassle of commuting.

4. Faster business transactions and cheaper products

Sellers and buyers can now transact through online paying facilities like Paypal or credit cards. Buyers can surf online and select the products they want to buy. There is no need to have a physical store to maintain as the products can be shipped directly from the factory.

Brick and mortar stores all have their own website now so customers can order products easily and either pick them up at their local store without shipping charges in many cases, or if they do not have a local store, have the products mailed right to their home. And more and more businesses have abandoned the brick and mortar concept and just have internet stores, making it easy for all customers to purchase products, and in many cases, all around the world.

Banking online, managing your investments and paying your bills online is now the normal. Getting instant notifications of bills due or transactions at your bank is a great way to keep your mind at ease, no more waiting for the regular mail. PayPal has made it very easy to get paid for your home business and to buy products online.

5. Savings on travel cost

Through the use of the internet, it is possible for executives or business managers to do teleconferencing. They do not need to meet physically just to discuss matters. This could save a lot on travel cost.

No more expensive airline costs to travel to meeting after meeting. With the ease of sitting in the conference room, using the internet, it is as easy as being there across the country or world. This convenience stays a lot of time and travel costs. 

5. Negative Effects of the Internet

1. Children, young adults and even adults get addicted to games online

Online games can be addictive to children, young adults and even adults. This can rob away precious time which otherwise should have been used for something more productive (see Opportunity Cost).

The internet has been recently accused of part of the cause of childhood obesity. So many children have decided to spend all of their time in front of the computer playing games instead of playing outside.

2. Pornography is rampant

Anybody can easily upload pornographic material for commercial purposes or just for fun. The young minds of children will be corrupted through their exposure to things which are reserved for adults. Many well-known personalities are also victimized by opportunistic and malicious people who want to discredit others using their personal encounters.

This is probably one of the biggest negative of the internet. There are people out there that try and lure underage children, plus people that put illegal pictures on the internet. Many marriages have problems because of pornography addictions, meeting other people, and hooking up with old girlfriends or boyfriends.

3. Loss of the human touch

People absorbed in their activities online tend to forget that there are real people in their surroundings who need their attention or have socialization needs. Social networking gives more importance to virtual friends than real ones.

People that are so involved in the internet, they have forgotten how to interact with their family, friends and coworkers, not to mention meeting strangers. Everyone seems to walk around staring at the cell phones not even noticing those around them.

4. Criminal elements use information to advance their malicious intents

Unsuspecting internet users can fall victim to criminal elements that meddle with their emails or do something nasty with their credit card information. Phishing or fooling other people into believing that criminal-owned websites are legitimate led to millions of money lost to misleading business transactions.

This has become one of the largest problems because of the internet. Every day, we all read about another bank, company or credit reporting agency being hacked where criminals get all of our information. This leads to fraud and the stealing of our social security numbers and bank and credit card numbers.


5. Abandonment of family

In one instance, a couple in Korea was preoccupied with their virtual baby forgetting to feed their real baby who died of hunger. People become insensitive as they are absorbed by the hidden hand of the internet into its lair.

As mentioned above in the pornography section, a spouse can become so involved in gaming or other online activities, that they are completely withdrawn from the spouse and family. This problem or addiction can affect both men and women.


Considering that the effects of the internet to people can be both positive and negative, there is a need to manage this technology for man’s overall benefit. Of foremost concern is the need to make sure that internet security is well in place to prevent the negative effects of the internet to innocent people.

© 22 July 2012 Patrick A. Regoniel Effects of the Internet

Web Anonymous Proxy: An Assured Way to Hide Your Personal IP Address

Hide your personal IP address, your personal IP address, web proxy server, web anonymous proxy Web anonymous proxy are the best way of hiding your personal IP address from any persons, spywares and website which may have malicious intentions

Web anonymous proxy are the best way of hiding your personal IP address from any persons, spywares and website which may have malicious intentions. For more insight on an assured way to hide your personal IP address, read this article.

There are a number of harmful websites which attempt to log onto your personal IP address for the purposes of improper use. In addition to that, several spywares applications always try to do the same thing to get your personal IP address so that it can be used to do some dirty work. Yet more, there are many people who want to intercept your information as it moves to and from a web server when you are browsing. So how do you shield yourself from such people? It is quite simple. When you are browsing, and you do not want your personal IP address to be seen for the above reasons and many others not mentioned, you should use the web anonymous proxy. This web anonymous proxy will simply hide your personal IP address from all the websites you will visit and hence no harmful website or spyware will be able get your personal IP address and you will be assured of the privacy you need.

In you are not an expert in Information Technology or computers in general, a web proxy server is like a “virtual middle person” that exchanges any queries between an end user and a given web server. When it is a web anonymous proxy, it means that you will be able to access various web servers of your interest and get the information you need without your personal IP address being known. Most institutions and companies nowadays filter several internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, social networks, Hotmail and many others using various software and firewalls. In addition to that, they install software to track and monitor you as you browse hence you need to get a web anonymous proxy so be able to remain secure and no one will notice the sites you visited.

When using the web anonymous proxy, you will be required to type the website which you need to visit and after you have typed it, you will click on browse. Afterwards, the website you entered will be loaded and it will be secure. This is not all, any links that you will get on the website you are browsing will also be secure and this way, your personal IP address will be safeguarded. Some of these web anonymous proxies are free yet some will require you to pay a little fee for their use.

How your security is assured and you hide your personal IP address, it is simple. Once you use any of the web anonymous proxy, you will be browsing using the server of the place where you are getting these services. This way, you hide your personal IP address is not visible. Most the proxy servers you will be using are quite fast and you need not to worry about this. In the recent times, there has been an increased demand for secure browsing and many people are finding it important to use the anonymous proxies. There are quite a number of these anonymous web proxies which you can use and they are quite simple to use.

Which are the best web anonymous proxies you have ever used? Kindly Share

How to Stop Spammers from Overrunning Your Newly Created PhpBB Forum (PART 2 OF 2)

Choose reCaptcha. You will need a Google account to use it. If you already have a Google account, you can register easily by just clicking once or thrice. Now you can use the reCaptcha. reCaptcha is currently the only spambot countermeasure that seems to have any effect in reducing automated spambot registrations.

CONTINUING FROM HERE:  Now for some reason, if you use those, it seems it should work to combat automated spammer registrations, but it doesn't.  Q & A means they have to answer a question you specify, like what is 1 + 3.  The other methods have letters that seem jumbled up or are on a "3D" surface, probably meant so that automated software can't read it.  However, it seems spambots have long cracked all these methods, because even with those activated the spambots still come. 

So, what will work?

5.  Choose reCaptcha.  You will need a Google account to use it.  If you already have a Google account, you can register easily by just clicking once or thrice.  Now you can use the reCaptcha. 

reCaptcha is currently the only spambot countermeasure that seems to have any effect in reducing automated spambot registrations.

When reCaptcha is set up, click Submit.  

6. Now, on your Administration Control Panel page's very lefthand menu, where you selected "Spambot Countermeasures", still under the heading "Board configuration", you now select "User registration Settings".  

Under User Registration Settings you should see Account Activation, with settings to select that confirmation be done either by the user, the admin, or to have no confirmation email sent.  Here, select "By User".  (You may also select "By Admin" here, so that you will be sent an email everytime someone registers and you can click a link to activate the user, or not click to activate them if they seem iffy from their profile.  However, you may start to get irritated with all the activation emails coming in.)

Click Submit. 

Now you should get anything from very little to no spambot registrations, as all registrations will have to be done manually by prospective forum members.  Of course some of them may still be real human spammers or just register and then use automated software to post, but at least because of this extra effort on their part, you will see a dramatic reduction in auto-spammers on your phpBB forum.

It won't be perfect and you still will get maybe one or two spam posts on your forum a day, but nothing you can't easily delete and ban the offending member.  If it becomes irritating for you, maybe you should just bugger the forum altogether, for it can be a pain in the butt to keep clean.  Maybe it's just not you.  But maybe you still find it worth it.    

Let's also hope that you didn't have too many spambot members that slipped in already before you activated reCaptcha, but if there are, just delete those members and their posts whenever they pop up by clicking "Administrate User" on their profiles and selecting "Delete Posts" under "Delete User" and clicking Submit.  Before long you should have most if not all spambot members deleted. 

Viola!  Your forum should now be a better place for all.  Now let's just hope you don't have too much trouble finding new real people to sign up, which is also something that's becoming more and more difficult.  

Trend Micro vs. Webroot Antivirus: Review & Coupon Code

After all the analysis it can be observed that Trend Micro products tend to be slightly cheaper than its competitors but they are slightly behind their competitors ( Nortons etc., in terms of features and performance. Though Trend Micro offers some great and unique features it still has some catching up to do. Webroot SecureAnywhere™ Essentials 2012 cost you for 3 PC's and one year subscription £39.95 or $61 around and where Titanium Maximum Security for $47.95 with duration of 1 year and usable on 3 PC's. Webroot security products are more costly and even they provide same features or less as Trend Micro Poducts has. So in my suggetions you must go for Trend Micro not for Webroot.

Trend Micro and Webroot are to companies that provide products related to PC security and solution. Both provide products like Antiviruses, Anti-malware Anti-phishing and also pc synchronizer to maintain stability of your computer or laptop or also provide security solutions for your android and ios based mobiles.

Using any one these software you can surf freely and put any pan drive your computer and if any program or virus attack your pc through any ways like internet, pan drive and cd rom they will catch those viruses and they will kill or make them positive.

Both claims to protect you from any type of attacks and struggling between top and most reputed antiviruses like Norton's , Microsoft Security essential and lots more. It's very pretty to find which of these do what they say in price they worth.

VIPRE vs. ZoneAlarm vs. ESET vs. Webroot vs. Norton: Review & Coupon Code

most of the computer users are aware that antivirus software is a must have program to protect their computer from viruses, attackers and to protect their personal data. The best computer security antivirus softwares for 2011 are Vipre, Zone Alarm, ESET, Webroot and Norton

Everyone is wondering which antivirus would be best for their computer and which antivirus offers the best features and prices. Today, most of the computer users are aware that antivirus software is a must have program to protect their computer from viruses, attackers and to protect their personal data. There are many antivirus programs that can protect computers from hackers, spammers, viruses, spyware and malware. So in this product comparison you can see which are the five best antiviruses for 2011 and why are these chosen by my analyze the best. I have chosen Vipre, Zone Alarm, ESET, Webroot and Norton as the best computer security programs for year 2011.

Kaspersky vs Immunet Antivirus: Antivirus Review

Features of kaspersky antivirus and Immunet antivirus, determine the best features of kaspersky lab compared to immunet antivirus, details of antivirus software, why should you buy a subsciption of kaspersky antivirus

Antiviruses are programs that are used to detect and remove any such program which can affect the efficiency of your computer system but there is also a tough competition among various antivirus software available in the market and this makes us difficult to choose best and suitable antivirus that serve our purpose of providing the security from daily viruses and worms and for this here we mentioned and compared to such antivirus products available in the market. With the reliability and robust nature, these two antiviruses are quite popular among the customers. IMMUNET ANTIVIRUS and KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS are examples of some antivirus software which help in detection of viruses, malware and other intrusions which are present in your computer system.

Computer Security Suites: Webroot Internet Security vs. Norton 360

Many people have difficulty choosing between Webroot Internet Security and Norton 360 for their computer security software. This comparison will describe the differences between these two packages and what kind of computer user needs which one. 

Many people use the internet every day - this provides hackers and criminals with countless opportunities to obtain personal your information. Everyone should have at least an antivirus program on their computer to provide a little protection, but to get all-around protection, you'll need full a security suite. Webroot and Norton are two of the leading companies in protecting against computer attacks. Many people have difficulty choosing between these two suites because of their similarities, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each is for a different kind of computer user.

BackTrack - Usage Of Different Methods To Test WPA Key Strength

This article presents Backtrack, a powerful freeware toolkit of software for web analysis that can successfully be employed by a network administrator in order to test the strength of security of its network. This article mainly concentrates on step-by-step tutorial how to control the strength of WPA (or WPA2) network key of a wireless access point.

a) What is Backtrack

Backtrack is a powerful freeware for testing of network security that contains a vast amount of tools that are useful for a network administrator. The program is available at no cost from where one may also obtain tutorials and different references to forums and courses. Backtrack has been created in order to test network security, however it can in principle also be employed for less legitimate purposes.

Backtrack allows an administrator to test if the key that he has set for a wireless access point is strong. The less time it takes for the software to brake the WPA (or WPA2) key, the weaker is the password.

 - Network analysis tools of Backtrack toolkit:

Backtrack provides vast opportunities and comprises many widely used net analysis tools, for example:

- Nmap

- Netcat

- Kismet

- Wireshark

- Airmon

- Aircrack

- Fping

- Dictionaries and brute-force tools (pentest-tools).

This links provides an overview of Backtrack (v.3) tools with a short description of each tool:

b) How to make a Backtrack live-USB

In order to crate a bootable live-USB the following needs to be done:

Step 1: Download and install a freeware application UNetBootin that works under both Linux and Windows platforms- just pick the correct distribution. UNetBootin is available at

Step 2: Use a USB flash drive that has enough capacity. In case of Backtrack v.3 a capacity of 1GB will satisfy the needs. From the image below one can see that this version of Backtrack only takes 636MB of space. Before running UNetBootin format the USB-drive (quickformat FAT).

Step 3: After running UNetBootin:

- choose Backtrack from the drop down list of distributions;

- choose a version of Backtrack, for example version 3;

- choose a device for Backup storage. In present example we need to choose USB-drive D;

- Backtrack download and installation commences. After that the live-USB is ready for use.

c) Using BackTrack to test the strength of your WPA or WPA2 key:

1. Running BackTrack from live-USB

In order to boot into BackTrack from the live-USB changes needed to be done to BIOS booting order or booting preferences so that the computer will first boot from an external USB device.

BIOS configuration varies from one manufacturer model of computer to the other, therefore this articles shall not expressly cover BIOS configurations. The following link provides an overview of keyboard key combinations that are used to enter BIOS menu on different computers:

If according to BIOS boot order an external (USB) device is the first booting medium and provided the live-USB is connected to computer, upon startup the computer will boot into BackTrack and the following screen will appear:

Next you will see BackTrack loading:

2. Setting NIC to use modprobe function (in cases of Intel NIC)

Before one can start capture of network packets, the network interface card (hereinafter NIC) shall be set into modprobe mode which means that:

- NIC is capable to listen to traffic (is in monitor-mode)

- NIC is capable to inject packets into network flow (works with injection function)

In normal case both of those functions are enabled with the command airmon-ng start <NIC_name> (to find NIC name just enter command airmon-ng).

However the described “normal case” is rare in case of laptops because for some reason Intel NIC-s (such as wl3945 and iwl4965)) tend to have problems with getting into monitor-mode. Command kismet -c iwl3945,wlan0,Wifi –X will put such NIC into monitor-mode but the injection function will fail or will not work properly (a problem of channel-hopping can arise).

Modprobe function will help get this kind of problematic NIC into both monitor and injection mode.

Step 1: Discover the model of your NIC by entering airmon-ng command. The illustrative image shows that we have a computer with Intel iwl3945 NIC with a wifi interface of wlan0.

Step 2: Switch the NIC into ipwraw-mode with monprobe as shown on the illustrative image. You will need to know the name of the NIC. You already know the NIC name from the step 1 above. Those commands make the NIC work in raw-mode to capture and forward raw traffic.

Command iwconfig lets you control if the NIC is now set for monitor mode. You should also verify what channel the NIC is using.

3. Setting computer NIC to a certain channel

For the packet capturing and injection test to be successful you need to ensure that the NIC captures traffic on the same channel that is used by the wireless access point (the WPA key strength of which is being tested).

Kismet is an excellent tool to get an overview of the access point within the range and discover to what channel a particular access point is set. Kismet also lets you discover access points that are using WEP-encryption. It is widely known that WEP cracking takes seconds and is easy due to the fact that the complexness and length of the key does not impact much the time of a WEP key crack. Here is more information on WEP crack test:

To sort access points by WEP filer, press S key once you enter into Kismet. Then press w and all those access points that use WEP encryption will have a mark of Yes (Y) in the column titled “W”. See the example in the image below.

The command kismet –c <NIC>wifi0,kismet or in case of an Intel card set into modprobe function the command kismet –c <NIC>wlan0,Wifi shall be used to get an overview of the wireless access points in range

Illustrating image reveals that in the present example the test access point is set to channel 6.

Once we know the channel of the access point we need to set the NIC for the same channel. For that end the command airmon-ng <NIC> start wifi0 <channel no> is employed.

4. Performing computer NIC injection test

Injection test is necessary in order to verify the NIC of your computer is able to inject packets into traffic. The command to use is aireplay-ng. In the example below the attribute -9 means injection test, the attribute -e means the SSID or the name of the network of the access point and the attribute -a stands for BSSID or the physical address of the access point.

The illustrative image below reveals that the NIC of the computer is capable of injection and hence is in injection mode.

5. WPA or WPA2 crack: usage of pentest-tools, aircrack, airodump and aireplay

WPA or WPA2 crack entails two actions: catching the handshake (this means packets that the access point and the client computer exchange in order to identify each other) and analysis of its hash with the comparison of the hash of different password combinations. Once the combination’s hash is identical to the hash of the handshake, the WPA or WPA2 key is cracked.

Step 1: Catching the handshake

Now that the NIC of the computer is in monitoring mode (see point 2 of this article above) and set to the same channel as the wireless access point (see point 3 of this article above), one is ready to start catching the handshake.

You will need to employ the command airodump-ng whereby the attribute –c stands for channel to listen to, attribute --bssid for the BSSID of the access point and attribute –w stands for the file where the captured handshake will be stored. Last parameter is the interface of the NIC that listens to traffic.

After the above command is entered this screen appears:

In order to provoke handshake generation, a real client (computer) that connects to the wireless access point is needed. As this is not likely to happen, you will need to make an existing client to re-authenticate to the access point.

This is done by sending a DeAutchenticate packet to the wireless access point. The appropriate command is aireplay-ng. Attribute -0 stands for sending a DeAuthenticate packet, followed by the number of times to do so. Attribute –a stands for the physical address of the wireless access point. Last parameter is the interface of the NIC that listens to traffic.

If there are several real clients already acceded to the wireless access point, you can modify the above command so that you send a broadcast packet to all of those clients.

As a result of sending the DeAutchenticate packets one or several clients have re-authenticated to the wireless access point. This has enabled the NIC to catch the handshake as you can see from the image below.

Step 2: Crack the WPA or WPA2 key

There are several methods for WPA/WPA2 key crack. The present article presents 3 methods: dictionary attack, brute-force attack and a combination method with crunch-tool that unites both of the former methods.

- Dictionary attack

Dictionary attack is a rapid method to crack the key but it only works as long as the word that appears in password has an exact match in the dictionary that one uses.

BackTrack has two basic dictionaries that partially coincide. The smaller dictionary can be found at /pentest/wireless/airckrack-ng/test/password.lst and the bigger one is located at /pentest/wireless /cowpatty/dict.

You can either compare and merge the non-coinciding words of the both dictionaries to create one big dictionary. Alternatively, you can create your own wordlist or import it. As a rule you should use a dictionary that is appropriate to the geographic location of the wireless access point as people tend to derive passwords from their native language.

Then a command aircrack-ng is used to feed in the words of the dictionary. Attribute –w stands for the file (and correct path) of the dictionary and -b marks the BSSID. Last one marks the name of previously captured handshake. You can see from the illustrative image above how this command is used.

The screen below reveals the fact that the dictionary did not contain the words matching the password.

- Brute-force attack

Brute force can crack any password but the downside is that this may take literally a dozen of years and presupposes a high capability of CPU. This means that this method may not be the most efficient one.

To use brute-force one need to employ john the ripper that you will find in “pentest” folder of BackTrack. This powerful tool is started with a command john. In the following example the attribute --stdout=8 signals that the length of the password is 8 characters and the attribute --incremental:alpha means that the password that we search only contains small letters (no capital letters, no numbers, no special characters).

Output of john shall be fed as input to aircrack.

The screen shows the process of comparison and analysis of hashes.

- Crunch-tool and combination method

This method takes the good that the both the previous methods have and leaves put their drawbacks: it is fast and it lets you control the volume of the dictionary by adding new elements step by step.

Crunch tool lets you build a flexible combination of letters (or/and numbers or/and special characters).

The following illustrative image reveals a crunch wordlist that generates all possible word combinations with only two letters “a” and “b” that shall form a word that is exactly 8 letters long (from 8 to 8 letters). All possible combinations are save in dictionary (sonastik.txt) and band fed as input to aircrack-ng.

If such a simple combination does not give a result, one can complicate the word step by step, adding one character after another and prolonging the combination of length.

Crunch also lets you break a dictionary into parts that makes the work faster and lessens the CPU capacity requirements.

The following image reveals that crunch succeeded to break the 8-character password "abababab". It took around 15 seconds.


d) Sources used in research for this article:

Anonymous Proxy Server Advantages

Why use an anonymous proxy server? There are a number of advantages to utilizing 1, namely:- Capability to bypass network limitations Enhanced privacy Quicker searching nameless proxies

An anonymous proxy is a computer program created to conceal your identity when shopping the World wide web. The plan runs from a third celebration server and handles data exchange between you and the servers you want to obtain, such as web sites, internet mail, and chat rooms. With an nameless proxy, you by no means deal straight with the locations you visit; you deliver and obtain data by way of the proxy. It is "anonymous" because it hides data about you these kinds of as your IP deal with and geographic location. In addition to this, an nameless proxy can protect you from spyware and tracking devices such cookies, pop-ups and malicious scripts.

Why use an anonymous proxy server? There are a number of advantages to utilizing 1, namely:

- Capability to bypass network limitations

Enhanced privacy

Quicker searching

nameless proxies

Suppose you use a laptop or computer in school or work. The local region community has banned a web site that you want to entry. Or you may possibly be attempting to accessibility a website that forbids visitors from your country. If you have ever wondered how to bypass network restrictions, an anonymous proxy is the answer. Since your IP address is either changed or hidden, the website doesn't recognize you for who/where you actually are and you gain free entry. Note however that willfully circumventing network or website limitations may be illegal. If you want to use a proxy just to accessibility banned web sites, ask yourself if it's really worth the risk.

Anonymous proxies might also be used to surf anonymously. Do you want to cover your tracks, conceal your surfing interests and/or not be recognized by a net admin? An anonymous proxy will let you do just that. No 1 will know your IP handle, returning visits, browser variety or nation of origin.

Eventually, you can accelerate website searching making use of a proxy server. Proxies frequently cache pages and files that other users have requested just before you. If you send a request and the proxy finds it's already there in the cache, it will display it instantly.

An anonymous proxy can also be utilized for malicious reasons. The server owner could be a hacker or spammer who retrieves e-mail passwords, account numbers and other sensitive information. It is crucial to discover an anonymizer that enables secure connections so you can encrypt your info in the course of transit.

At times figuring out how to bypass network limitations and surf unseen can be a poor factor. Nameless proxies can be utilized to harass or stalk people on the web. If you get e-mail messages and discover from the headers that the sender is employing an nameless server, contact the server proprietor and the authorities to report the incident. Never reply to the spammer or stalker.

For best and safest final results, it is extremely advisable that you use only a trusted proxy server with a clean track record. It might price you a little unlike free of charge proxies, but then once more is there a price for your privacy and security?

Norton vs. Defender Pro Antivirus : Review & Coupon Code

Norton Antivirus is clearly a winner, even Defender Pro is award wining antivirus but it still need some more modification and more market reputations like other antiviruses: AVG Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essential to fully compete with Norton Antivirus. Noton's is making launching their Antivirus for long time so they have huge audeince for their own product so it's not so easy to intract with their audience with this products. Defender Pro is good but right now their are lots more antivirus available in same or less price and also provide more value for money and provide you full security. In my suggetion always go for Norton Anvirus and it's latest version is still best as named as Norton Antivirus 2012.

Computers and the Internet have become an integral part of our lives. Increasingly, individuals and business rely on computers to access, store and communicate information to our friends, family and clients.

Antivirus is need of every computer to be secure and also to secure your important files and your information. Norton Antivirus and Defender Pro are two antiviruses and most probably you have heard about Norton Antivirus more than Defender Pro. Defender Pro is much new as compared to Norton’s Antivirus and still in less popularity it has got so many awards for their protection level and their security level they provide. 

Defender Pro’s internet security suite has garnered a CNET Editor’s Choice, a PC World’s 100 Best award, the Computer Shopper’s Best Buy award and the Top 10 Reviews Silver Award. Our internet security software combines best in class anti-virus, anti-spam, pc repair, anti-spyware, parental controls, identity protection, pc backup, and more to keep your family’s computers free to safely surf the Internet.

Norton's Antivirus is known for its quality and for long time about 14 years of their working, they’ve made their own reputation in market as most sold antivirus in whole world. Their antivirus is mostly used in all area including home as well as business.